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Fun Show

6 Apr

I went to a gun show last weekend and there was a substantial crowd on hand. There were lots of guns on display and most of the new guns were fairly priced, about what you might find on-line or at a retail store. The used guns on the other hand, were WAY overpriced in my opinion. I didn’t notice any of those selling, I guess you just have to have a particular itch needing to be scratched to make the deal on the used guns. There was also lots of ammo for sale finally, but still seems to be 20% overpriced for what the prices are on-line. Except the 22LR. A brick is still asking price of $60-85! Not for me, thank you very much, I’ll wait. Pre Obama you could get a brick for $20-25 so If I see some for $35-40 I might get one, but I won’t like it.


I bought 10 of these Colt surplus military magazines for $6 each. How was that price, too much? The springs felt good, maybe with a little oil and some TLC they will be ready to go. I primarily purchased them for possible resale in the future when the gun-grabbers make more progress towards getting them banned. Might be a good item to have on hand for barter. Keep prepping everyone!