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Homestead Update 7/2/2017

2 Jul


Well let’s see what has been going on around here the past 3 weeks other than working 70 hours a week. These are some of the onions I harvested from my raised bed garden.


I picked this apple from our orchard. Most of the peach trees had no fruit because a late freeze got most of the blooms. But, one of the trees bloomed later and was loaded down with peaches. Unfortunately, every peach had a hole bored into it! I haven’t sprayed our trees, I have been just letting them grow and get established. I think next Spring I will spray them, they should be ready to produce some fruit by then.


I was out working and I noticed this garden beside the field I was checking. There was a nice, old-fashioned, scarecrow to keep the birds away.


I also parked in front of this old, closed down storefront. You don’t see many stores like this anymore, it’s a shame it is closed. I actually have a hat I would like cleaned.


I found this jaw bone in a field. A horse maybe?


I found these native American artifacts in a field. I found all of them within 10 feet of each other. I have found a lot of artifacts this Spring. I’ll take some pictures and show them to you later.


I saw this large, blooming hedge by a field I was checking. I think my bees might like this.


Anyone know what this might be?


I have a large pile of soil I scooped up with my front end loader when we were building our house. I finally got around to making a soil sifter to clean the gravel, glass, nails, etc. In my very first wheel barrel load I found this nice projectile point, two marbles, and an old penny. Who knows what else I might find. I’ll keep you informed. Until then, keep prepping everyone!

Fresh Picked Apples

15 Sep

Some of you may remember the apple tree on the abandoned homestead I pass by every week. Well, the tree is loaded down, the apples are ripe and ready for picking.


Or at least they are ready on the upper limbs. The lower limbs that you can reach without a ladder have been stripped clean, someone has been picking them. I found a long forked stick and reached up high and hooked a few to try.


They were delicious, fully ripe and warmed by the sun, the juice just ran down my chin as I ate this one. I am really looking forward to having our own trees on our homestead someday.

Cedar Apple Rust Gall

19 Apr

Cedar apple rust gall

I was working around the trees on the homestead recently and I saw this orange-colored, alien looking thing on one of the cedar trees. I thought “What Tha???, Are we being invaded?” This thing looks like it could have come from outer space. After I did some Goggle research I discovered it is a Cedar Apple Rust Gall. This gall releases spores into the air, which then attack apple trees! It takes two hosts to complete it’s life cycle. First a cedar tree then an apple tree. I plan on having apple trees on the homestead, so I am going to be checking my cedar trees closely for this gall so I can pick them off and destroy them before they have a chance to infect any apple trees.


I also found these funny looking green growths on another tree. I have been looking for an answer to what they are and I haven’t had any success yet. Anybody have an answer as to what they might be? You never know what you might encounter during the day. Be safe, and watch out for those alien creatures!