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28 Aug


I have four heirloom tomatoes growing in my garden and I noticed this morning I have an aphid infestation. Rats! Well, I can solve that organically, I will just mix up a soap and water mixture and spray them down and that should solve that problem. As I was checking out the aphids I noticed I also have Cercospora Leaf Spot. This afternoon on the way home from work I stopped by Lowe’s to pick up a fungicide spray and much to my dismay all the fungicide sprays also included an insecticide in the mix. So much for my plan to stay organic in the garden. I hope the tomatoes do well this season because I usually don’t have a lot of success with them. I can do well with Okra, Squash or peas but when it comes to tomatoes “Heh, not so much”. I think I try too hard and “kill them with kindness”. I am always applying fertilizer or spraying them with something and I think I might be better off just leaving them alone and let Mother Nature take her course. I’ll let you know how they turn out.