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Antiques And Collectables

3 Aug


This is a tiny knife I came across in a flea market. It doesn’t look too tiny in this picture so just how tiny is it?


Now you can see how small it is! On the base of the blade is labeled Mitsubishi Japan. I don’t know if that is the maker or just where it was made. I don’t know anything about this knife, I just thought it was unusual enough that for $10 I decided I need to own it. Who knows, it might be worth a lot more!

Case XX Knife

27 Jul


I also have this Case XX pocket knife I bought back in the early 1970’s. I carried it in my pocket on Sundays, it was my good “going to church” knife. I never used it to clean game or cut much of anything, it has not even been sharpened, it still has the factory edge. I still have the box and wrapping papers that came with it. It might be worth a little something but it is not for sale, I think I will hold on to it and maybe have them put it in my pocket when they bury me. I don’t know for sure where I’ll end up but it is a good bet I’ll need a good pocket knife when I get there!