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Antique Cars

15 Aug




Sweet Thing and I ate lunch at Cracker Barrel last Sunday and we spotted these antique cars on the parking lot. I guess they had been to a car show in the area. They sure are spiffy aren’t they? I really like that truck pulling that camper, although I bet GMC never put out a stock model truck like that. That one is a purely custom job.


This is a picture of one of the fields I work being replanted to soybeans on August 13th. And before you ask, yes, that is way too late to be planting beans. The river flooded out the original beans, but the land lord demanded they be replanted. The land lord has nothing to risk and everything to gain. If they yield 12 bushels he gets 4 bushels; if they cut 0 he gets nothing but it costs him nothing. On the other hand, if they yield 12 bushels, the farmer gets 8 bushels which won’t cover his costs of replanting and if they yield nothing he has to bear the entire costs of replanting. That is not a fair arrangement, but that is the feudal, share cropping system most farmers work under.


This is a big ole’ bollworm buried up in this cotton boll. That is not something you want to see.


This is a Fall Armyworm feeding on a cotton bloom. Soon he will be buried up in a boll as well.


This is a milo leaf covered up with White Sugarcane Aphids. This is a new pest for us, one that is expensive to deal with. As you can see, there are several hundred aphids on that one leaf. They will suck the life out of that plant as well as dripping so much honey dew onto the rest of the plant that at harvest it will gum up the combine making it impossible to harvest the milo. More to come tomorrow.


Workweek Update

20 Jun

Let’s see if you might find anything interesting about my travels last week.


These old cars are sitting in the backyard of a house on the edge of a field I check. I asked the man what he intended to do with them. He said he was going to get a couple of them fixed up and running.  That was over twenty years ago when he told me that and they are still sitting there! That’s just typical of us men and our “big boy toys” isn’t it?


I found my usual assortment of sharp, rusty metal junk I pick up to avoid someone having a flat tire.


I found these teeth on the ground. I don’t think they were human, they didn’t have any gold fillings at least!


I saw this painted turtle, and you can’t tell from the picture, but he is almost 12 inches from nose to tail. That is huge for a painted turtle! He acted like he was supposed to act. When I approached he just went into his shell and sulled up and didn’t run all over the place like that racing turtle I encountered last summer!


I also encountered this huge soft-shelled turtle. She must have been 18 inches from nose to tail! She was digging a hole to lay her eggs so I snapped my picture and moved on so as not to disturb her anymore.


I see several nice gardens like this one as I travel around. Someday I will have time for a garden like this one. Until then, how is your garden growing?

Antique Cars

5 Aug


I found this item in a field today, and if you remember these you are getting old. This is the latch off of the side window of an old automobile. When I was learning to drive, sometime around 1970, most of the cars sold still didn’t come equipped with air-conditioners. When it was hot you had to roll down the windows to cool off. Most vehicles of the day had small side windows that could be opened and the airflow directed inside, much like the window pictured below.


We called the air conditioners in these type of cars the 250 model. To get air in this car you rolled down 2 windows and drove 50 miles per hour! Like I said, if you grew up riding in this style of cars without AC, you are getting old, just like me!

1960 Corvette

9 Jul


I was at the station and this pulled up beside me, a 1960 Corvette. Man this car was fully restored and SWEET! It looked better than brand new. I’m sure he was probably going to a car show somewhere. If it was mine, not only would I not drive it, I would haul it in an enclosed trailer so it wouldn’t get bug splatters and road film on it. And what if a rock flips up and hits it? I would have a stroke! I guess it is better to just not own something like that if you have to worry so much about it. Still, I wonder if Sweet Thing,,,,Nah, probably not!

Antique Car Show

25 Sep

Yesterday Sweet Thing and I attended the Forked Deer Car Show. And first off I want to say that some of these cars should not be considered antique, because I remember riding in some of these models of cars when they were new. If true that would make me an antique also, and I am far from it. I am young and spry and just as handsome as I ever was, so let’s just call them more experienced models! Below are some pictures I took.

This is Roscoe out enjoying the show. He looks like a big, mean, tough bully, but according to his owner he’s just a big ole baby.

This is one of my favorites. It is a Nash Metropolitan. It looks more like a clown car than something you would really drive! I guess the Smart Car is not such an original idea after all.

This was Sweet Things favorite, a Ford modified into a Hot Rod, decorated with skeletons in the seats.

What show would be complete without a pink Cadillac like the one owned by Elvis?

This one was way before my time so I am ok with calling it an antique, but some of the others like the Chevy Nova SS, not so much an antique as an oldie but a goodie.

The daughter of one of our friends rode in this vehicle from her wedding ceremony to her reception. Pretty cool, Huh?

And last but not least, this is Peanut, out enjoying the show. Her owner said she likes to meet and greet everybody! As you can see this show had a little something for everyone, and was a lot of fun.