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Gun Buying Frenzy

14 Jan

I have been watching with interest the ongoing gun buying frenzy. Fortunately, I did not feel the need to participate. Are there some things I need? Not really. Are there some things I want? Well sure there are. But I decided there were more important things I need to spend my money for to get my preps in order. For instance, when I bought the t-posts for my dog pen project, I estimated I would need 12 posts, so I bought 20. The project before I bought 6 extra and the time before I had 5 extra. Someday, I intend to have 100-150 posts stored out of the weather in my barn. And I intend to have a number of rolls of wire as well. That way in the future if I feel an urgent need to fence and cross fence my property for raising livestock, I will have a good start on the supplies I will need. Never the less, I went to Gander Mountain today just to check things out for myself. Looking at the gun racks they were still full of the traditional long guns, except there were no AR type rifles to be seen. They also had a full display of handguns, although due to the high number of people crowding the counters I didn’t get a look at the prices. On the racks where the AR rifles usually hang there were a good number of tactical shotguns, which surprised me, I thought those were selling like mad as well. But the magazines for any guns were sold out and the ammo was extensively picked over.


All of the bulk packs of ammo in all calibers were sold out. No .223, 5.56, 9mm, 40 or 45 cal. You could buy some specialty ammo in these calibers such as match grade or critical defense, all exceptionally high-priced. But even that was in limited quantities. There also was a shortage of any supplies related to reloading. But what really surprised me was the shortage of .22 ammo.


Really people? You don’t even have a good supply of .22 ammo? What have you been doing? Oh yeah, I forgot, watching sports on TV and American Idol. Well, you have had your wake up call. You have missed the boat on your ammo preps, but what about the other areas of your preps? Are you just going to sit around and wait until it is too late or are you going to take some action? There are a lot of other things you might need in the future, so let’s get busy!