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Homestead Update 8/6/2017

6 Aug


Things have been a bit slow around here as you might imagine when one is working 70 hours per week at my job. Our cotton is progressing nicely as evidenced by this large, grown boll. I haven’t seen any open bolls yet, but it won’t be long.


As I was out working, I encountered these buzzards roosting on an electrical tower. I was fairly close and they didn’t seem too concerned with me being so close. I hope seeing buzzards eyeing me closely is not a portend of things to come!


Sweet Thing and I went to a yard sale and I bought this Coleman cook stove for $10. The man said it had only been used once and I can believe it because it is so clean and shiny. I talked him into throwing in that electrical worker’s canvas tool bag for free. I’ve always wanted one of those even though I don’t know why!


I picked up another Native American artifact, this tiny arrow head. You can see how tiny it is in comparison to the button on my sleeve.


I hung some new flags in my barn storage area. Not much question where I stand is it?


There is a cemetery adjoining a field I check each week and I noticed this concrete armadillo on a grave stone. The stone had the man’s name and dates of birth and death along with the caption “Here rests the Armadillo.” I guess the man’s nick name must have been Armadillo.


Right beside the Armadillo was a gravestone marking where the ashes of this lady was buried. I’ve seen the ashes of people entombed in a mausoleum, kept in an urn in a home, or scattered in the sea, but I don’t recall ever seeing them buried. I see some interesting things in my daily travels. I don’t have any pictures, but my tomatoes and squash are doing well, and my okra is just starting to produce and my purple hull peas are blooming so my garden is doing fairly well considering how little time I have spent taking care of it. I went to a gun show last week and bought some reloading powder as well as some 22 LR. I haven’t seen any of that sitting on a shelf in several years. I guess we can thank President Trump for that. People must be feeling comfortable enough in our situation to slow down stocking up, but not me. I say buy now while you have the chance so when the next big shortage occurs so you won’t be caught unprepared. Keep prepping everyone!


Homestead Update 1/10/16

10 Jan


We had our first snow of the Winter last night. The temperature was 21 and it is forecast to be 19 tonight. That is really the first time we have had any low temps this Winter. We have only had a few nights where it has even been below freezing.



I hooked up the electric heated water bowl in the dog pen in preparation of this cold snap. I also added some cedar shavings in the dog houses so they could snuggle down and keep warm. While I was in the pen, I put some heartworm preventive on their necks. I do this once every month so they are used to it. As soon as I put the leash on them and tell them to sit they drop right down and wait for the treatment. I wish they were that well behaved the rest of the time!


I was organizing some of my junk supplies this week and I opened a box with some of my knives. This is not all I have but that is the majority of them. I think I am fairly well set as far as knives go, don’t you? I attended a gun show in Memphis and I knew it would be packed, but there were so many people there you could not move! I expected it to be busy because anytime you have a Saturday show in a town as large as Memphis it will be well attended. But this was the first show just a few days after Obama went on TV and outlined his executive orders on gun control. I didn’t bother to pay much attention to the guns, I could tell they all had new higher priced tags on them. I managed to pick up some bulk ammo still fairly priced. The main thing I went to the show to get was some 30 round AR magazines. That is going to be one of the first things that get banned so I want to have a good supply while I can. I bought some surplus military mags for $7 each. These same mags would have been $5 last month so I still considered them to be reasonably priced. After the high capacity mags are banned, I think they will go up in value considerably so I consider this an investment for the future. If you have any shortages in your firearms or ammo preps I recommend you take care of it while you still can. In the mean time, keep prepping everyone!

Fun Show

6 Apr

I went to a gun show last weekend and there was a substantial crowd on hand. There were lots of guns on display and most of the new guns were fairly priced, about what you might find on-line or at a retail store. The used guns on the other hand, were WAY overpriced in my opinion. I didn’t notice any of those selling, I guess you just have to have a particular itch needing to be scratched to make the deal on the used guns. There was also lots of ammo for sale finally, but still seems to be 20% overpriced for what the prices are on-line. Except the 22LR. A brick is still asking price of $60-85! Not for me, thank you very much, I’ll wait. Pre Obama you could get a brick for $20-25 so If I see some for $35-40 I might get one, but I won’t like it.


I bought 10 of these Colt surplus military magazines for $6 each. How was that price, too much? The springs felt good, maybe with a little oil and some TLC they will be ready to go. I primarily purchased them for possible resale in the future when the gun-grabbers make more progress towards getting them banned. Might be a good item to have on hand for barter. Keep prepping everyone!

Ammo Update

27 Oct


Some stores in my area finally have some bulk ammo for sale. I picked up these two boxes at Wal-Mart, and I picked up some 9MM from Gander Mountain last week. The ammo from Wal-Mart was priced the same as it was prior to Sandy Hook, but the Gander Mountain ammo was about 20% higher. I am glad to finally see the supply increasing a bit, but there is still not any 22LR to speak of, and what little there is on the shelf is selling for 20 cents a round. No thanks, I’ll pass.  I haven’t shot any since last winter. I had a supply laid by, but I wasn’t sure when or even if I would be able to replace it, so I have just been holding what I had. Now I feel comfortable enough to put one box back for later and shoot the other box to keep in practice.


It feels good to have ole’ Bessie bucking in my hand again! How is the ammo supply in your area?

Ammo Shortage Update

2 Jun


I went by Gander Mountain and they actually had 6 AR style rifles hanging on the wall. That is the first time I have seen that in the last six months. They had a Bushmaster .223 for $745, that is what I paid for my last one two years ago. I started to pick it up but my “fun budget” has taken a real licking from all the supplies I bought to build my Man Cave. Oh well, maybe if there is not a big shooting to start up the panic again the rifles will be available when my funds get replenished. Even though they had rifles, there still is a critical shortage of ammo. There is no .223, 9 mm, 40 cal, 22 cal, no bulk ammo of any kind.


I was able to pick up a few boxes of these for the first time in 6 months. I hope the stocks get replenished soon, I need to hear something go “BOOM” more often!

Hot smileI went by Wal-Mart today and they had the same situation. They had rifles but no ammo. Hopefully, someday soon.

Gun Buying Frenzy

14 Jan

I have been watching with interest the ongoing gun buying frenzy. Fortunately, I did not feel the need to participate. Are there some things I need? Not really. Are there some things I want? Well sure there are. But I decided there were more important things I need to spend my money for to get my preps in order. For instance, when I bought the t-posts for my dog pen project, I estimated I would need 12 posts, so I bought 20. The project before I bought 6 extra and the time before I had 5 extra. Someday, I intend to have 100-150 posts stored out of the weather in my barn. And I intend to have a number of rolls of wire as well. That way in the future if I feel an urgent need to fence and cross fence my property for raising livestock, I will have a good start on the supplies I will need. Never the less, I went to Gander Mountain today just to check things out for myself. Looking at the gun racks they were still full of the traditional long guns, except there were no AR type rifles to be seen. They also had a full display of handguns, although due to the high number of people crowding the counters I didn’t get a look at the prices. On the racks where the AR rifles usually hang there were a good number of tactical shotguns, which surprised me, I thought those were selling like mad as well. But the magazines for any guns were sold out and the ammo was extensively picked over.


All of the bulk packs of ammo in all calibers were sold out. No .223, 5.56, 9mm, 40 or 45 cal. You could buy some specialty ammo in these calibers such as match grade or critical defense, all exceptionally high-priced. But even that was in limited quantities. There also was a shortage of any supplies related to reloading. But what really surprised me was the shortage of .22 ammo.


Really people? You don’t even have a good supply of .22 ammo? What have you been doing? Oh yeah, I forgot, watching sports on TV and American Idol. Well, you have had your wake up call. You have missed the boat on your ammo preps, but what about the other areas of your preps? Are you just going to sit around and wait until it is too late or are you going to take some action? There are a lot of other things you might need in the future, so let’s get busy!