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Bar Stools

17 Dec

I had another little project today. We bought a set of 4 bar stools at Lowe’s on Black Friday, and of course, they were in a box and needed to put together.


The instructions said it would take 45 minutes to put each one together. It probably took about that long to put the first one together, but then I could do it without reading the directions so it only took 20 minutes each for the last three. Another thing that sped me up was to use my tools instead of the allen wrench they included with the hardware.


This is actually all I needed to put the chairs together.


That allen wrench was slow going, so I just used a 5/32 hex bit in my bit driver and 1/4 socket wrench and it went much faster, not to mention the bolts were tightened more securely. The stools are attractive and nice and sturdy, but I forgot to take a picture after I put them together. I’ll post one later.