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Bruce Jenner; Greatest Athlete Alive

21 Apr

fruity pebbles

At least that was the proclamation back in 1977. Now he claims to be a woman trapped in a mans body. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! Not only is he crazy, the whole family is crazy! That whole Kardashian family is nuts! But the saddest fact is the number of people in this country who are way more interested in what the Kardashians are doing that what our political leaders are doing to ruin this country. And I am not just talking about the President and the Democrats, I include the Republicans as well. The whole bunch of the so-called leadership should be hauled off in hand cuffs and locked in prison. If I wanted to create a scenario in my mind to destroy this country without firing a shot, I couldn’t come up with a better plan than what the powers that be are doing now. It is like a bad movie rolling out right before our eyes, but most of the people in this country are unaware. They care more about the latest pictures of Kim’s rear end than they do about the illegal immigration problem or how the Pols are deficit spending us into financial ruin. It’s enough to make my head explode! I think we all need some happy music for this Tuesday Tune. Enjoy!


Special Tune

3 Feb

How about a special bonus tune from Brother Al Green this morning? Enjoy!

Tuesday Tunes: Al Green; Let’s Stay Together

5 Jun

I grew up listening to Reverend Al Green in my teens, so let’s listen to one of my favorites.


As I was searching for this song I found President Obama singing a line from this song. I guess anyone who can riff with Brother Al can’t be all bad.

Most of my regular readers know I don’t care much for any politicians, President Obama included. But I don’t hate him, I just think he is misguided and ill-informed. He is being led by a bunch of ivory tower policy wonks who do whatever is necessary to keep people from rioting in the streets. That is what the Roman Empire did, provided “bread and circuses” to the citizens. That was not enough to save them, the Empire collapsed and rotted from within. We as a country are on the same path as the Roman Empire. Only our bread and circuses are welfare checks, sports, and American Idol. Anything to keep the people’s minds occupied and off what is really going on in this country. Just keep the masses fat and happy and everything will be alright. That is what Washington thinks, and soon it will be time to pay the Piper. You might wonder how they can be so naïve and not see it coming. I think they do see it, but it is just like the bank teller that embezzled money from the till. You hear about that and say “what were they thinking?” They knew someone would reconcile the money and the ledgers eventually, and how would they explain the shortage. Invariably, they just cry and say I don’t know what I was thinking. Well when this economy collapses it will be too late to cry and say I don’t know. I think if the President would ride with me every day for just one week and see what it is like out here in the real world, he would be shocked. He would go back to Washington with a dazed look on his face saying “ I didn’t know, I didn’t know!” He would tell the rest of the elites in DC, We have to do something and do it now. So I challenge you, Mr. President. Come ride with me for one week and see which one of us can change the others mind!