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Economic Recovery?

29 Apr


If you listen to the politicians and main street media we are in the midst of an economic recovery. I have 2 main indicators to let me know when things are good economically. One is the amount of people I see eating out in restaurants. Two years ago, if you went out to eat on a Friday or Saturday night between the hours of 5:30 – 7:00 you would have to wait in line for a table at almost any restaurant in our town. But now you can just breeze right in at any place and be seated right away. That tells me people are having to cut back on their discretionary spending. Another way I can tell is circulating coins or lack thereof. I used to collect coins until I decided I could better spend my money elsewhere. But I still look through my pocket change every day to see what I can find. I always try to save a new bright shiny example of each years denomination of coin from each mint. Usually by the middle of February I start to see the new coins. This year it was April 9th before I saw even one new penny, and since then I have not seen another single new coin! This tells me the banks are not ordering any new money to put in circulation. They just keep reusing the same old coins. That tells me there is not a lot of money circulating around here. People are either holding on to their money, or they don’t have much money in the first place. So how do you personally judge the state of the economy?

Newest Follower

29 Dec

I would like to say hello to my newest follower Grey Enigma. Check him out at He has a lot of financial information that might just scare the socks off of you.Rolling on the floor laughing

Wind Turbines

15 Dec

I know most of you have seen pictures of wind turbines, but I haven’t seen any up close until a few years ago when the trucks started hauling them through here.


These things are huge! A lot of people who live near these wind farms are upset by them and I can understand why. Would you want this to be the view outside your front door?



I had to hold up a few minutes while this turbine blade came through the intersection. The trailers have special axles on the back that swivel so they can be guided and make sharper turns. Now, I am all for getting away from buying foreign oil as much as possible, but the more I read about alternative energy, the less I like it. Nothing we are doing now is cost-effective on it’s own. Everything has to have government subsides to even get anyone to try it. That includes wind, solar, ethanol or bio-diesel. I always laugh at these air heads in Hollywood who buy electric cars to help “Save the Planet”. Well that’s great, plug in your car instead of burning fossil fuels. But where does that electricity come from you are charging the car with? From an electric plant burning coal to produce the electricity, or even worse it may be a NUCLEAR plant! EGADS! We do need to do something to get away from using foreign oil, but we have to be reasonable and realize it is going to take some time to do it, and it will not be cost-effective at the start. Someday someone will come up with something that will make good economic sense. Are any of you using alternative energy on your homesteads that would be economically feasible if electricity is available? I know there are other reasons for going the alternative route besides cost, so I was just wondering what you think.

US Debt Crisis Explained

6 Nov

National debt exp

So you think everything is just fine and dandy, well maybe things are just a little bit off. After the next election we can fix everything with a little adjustment. No way a little change will fix this mess. Just look at this illustration above and think ‘how long would my family survive if we were in this situation?’ The bad thing is that your family IS in this situation, but you can do very little to fix it. We can’t blame everything on the President, although he is certainly a big part of the problem. This stuff has been going on long before he got there. The only way we can ever straighten this out is to clean house in Washington, I mean send them ALL home. As you can see from the numbers above, we would have to cut spending by 1/3 just to break even and stop the debt from getting any worse. That would be cut back 1/3 on EVERYTHING! The military, social security, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, rental assistance, roads, schools, government services of any sort would need to be cut 1/3. Can you see that happening? I can’t. So it will only get worse until BOOM, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. I know you think all those rich people in charge won’t ever let that happen because it would hurt them also. It would hurt, but if you lose 75% of a billion dollars, you still have 250 million and you would still be king of the hill. How much would you have if you lost 75% of you savings? We need to cut spending and cut it severely before it gets to the collapse point. It will be painful for everyone because all of us get benefits from the government even if it is just schools, roads, and peace and tranquility. The alternative is just too scary to contemplate. So take back your freedom and go vote and don’t vote for ANY incumbent, let’s send somebody new up there and try to fix this mess before it’s too late. Rant over now, sorry, had to get it off my chest.