Homestead Update 7/24/16

24 Jul


I spent 6 more days in the hospital since I last posted. I think I am finally getting over this allergic reaction after 5 weeks. But, since I have been confined inside the house, I haven’t done much work around here. I have decided the raised bed garden experiment is a success. I was concerned that the plants would burn up when it got hot and dry like it is now, but just a few minutes of watering every third day is enough to keep the plants hale and healthy.


This is just a few of the tomatoes Sweet Thing picked from the raised bed. The peppers, cantaloupes, and egg plant look just fine as well. I also managed to look into my bee hives yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised how well they were doing. Two of the hives had swarms installed with an empty super on top with jar feeders inside. I was really afraid the bees would have built all sorts of comb in the upper super since they have had a month to build up while I have been down. Other than a few small pieces of comb, everything was as it should be. I even have several frames of honey I am going to harvest next week when I get set up and ready. Until then, keep prepping everyone!


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