26 Mar


I was in Tractor Supply last week and two young ladies were pushing this shopping cart with a baby goat in it. His name is Albert, and he is three weeks old. He is one of a set of triplets and the Nanny refused to feed him so now he is a bottle baby. It’s hard to tell from the picture but he is wearing a diaper. I’ll bet most of you have never seen a goat wearing a diaper have you? The girls said he rides around in the truck with them everywhere they go. I assume they realize that someday when Albert matures he won’t be able to ride in the truck anymore. When he matures he will develop that special Billy Goat fragrance that the lady goats find so intoxicating, but us humans gag at the stench! Oh well, I hope they enjoy his company while they can. Someday I will have goats here on the homestead, but for now I will just have to read about them on other peoples blogs. Keep prepping everyone!


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