Gun Show

12 Dec

I attended a local Gun Show a few weeks ago and I was pleased at the selection of guns and ammo available. Although, since the shooting at Bernardino, gun sales skyrocketed again so the selection may be lessened now. I picked up some ammo at a decent price. You could find pretty much anything you wanted except 22LR which is still rare and highly overpriced when available.


I knew the ammo situation must be easing up. I stopped at a backroads spot where people do target shooting, and I was able to pick up a double handful of freshly fired 30-06 brass. People have been picking up their brass for reloading since Obama was elected and this was the first time I have seen any brass on the ground in a long time. I have 6 guns on my wish list and I saw 4 of them at the show. I didn’t buy any of them because I have some safe queens I need to sell or trade to make room before I buy anything new. I did pick up each of those four guns and held them, stroked them, caressed them and whispered to them that someday they would be mine. I’ll just keep wishing till then.


Even though I didn’t buy a gun, I did pick up a nice custom handmade knife. It has an antler handle with a carbon steel blade. You can never have too many knives when the Zombies come. Keep prepping everyone!


One Response to “Gun Show”

  1. Pioneer Preppy December 12, 2015 at 8:59 pm #

    Amen!!! Brother.

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