Homestead Update 10/25/15

25 Oct


The weather finally took a turn towards Fall this past week. The trees are finally putting on their colors and now the weatherman is predicting 4 days of rain so the rain will knock the leaves off before we have time to enjoy them.


I went through my hives and put my bees into their winter setup. This is one of several nice frames of honey I am leaving so they can have plenty of food to help them survive the winter. If you enlarge the picture and look closely, you can see several small hive beetles on the honey. There are way too many beetles in this hive. I made some beetle traps using old political signs, Crisco, and boric acid. I put one trap in each hive and I am putting another in the top of this hive tomorrow. I hope this takes care of them. I learned a lot about bee keeping this year, mainly what NOT to do. I anticipate having better luck next year, we’ll have to see how it goes.


Most of the area farmers are only about a week away from completing their cotton harvest before the rains set in, and so far the yields are fairly good. This is a field I check each week. I wish the sun had been shining when I took this picture, it would have made a pretty picture wouldn’t it?


Here at the homestead, I finally got around to filling up the fuel transfer tank I bought last Spring. After I cut off 3 feet on that old trailer, the tank sitting on it balances the trailer perfectly. Even with fuel in the tank you can pick up the tongue of the trailer quite easily. Before I filled up the tank I wanted to test it out, so I only bought 25 gallons at first. I hooked up the pump to a battery and the pump whirled but no fuel came out. Uh-Oh! I checked the vanes on the pump and they looked OK. There is a plastic, pressure valve in the pump and it seemed to be a little stiff so I sprayed it with WD-40. I put the pump back together and it worked perfectly. WD-40 works miracles doesn’t it? After I was sure the pump was working and the tank was not rusty I went ahead and filled it up with diesel while the price was down to $2.24. That’s as cheap as it has been in several years, so I figured now was a good time to set some aside for later. Keep prepping everyone!


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