Homestead Update

27 Sep


Yes, I know I have missed a couple of weeks of posting but I have been busy. My busy Summer schedule is almost over as harvest is in full swing. The weather is changing over to a Fall pattern so my barn kitties came out into their chickenwire enclosure to enjoy watching the outdoor activity.


It is really dry around here, we only received 3/10s of an inch of rain all this month. Fortunately, I disked up the area in the back where I planted the deer browse and planted my seeds just in front of that little rain so it is coming up well. Most of that greenery you see above is buckwheat. I don’t know if it will have time to make any blooms for my bees before the cold weather hits, we will have to wait and see.


My bees have been really working these past two weeks. The golden rod bloom is in full swing, but soon the Winter dearth will set in and the bees will stop flying.


I stopped by a little roadside stand last week and bought some honey. Yeah, that’s right. I have 4 bee hives in the back and I still bought honey. I am new at this and I made several mistakes with my bees so I am going to give them all of the honey they produced to help them survive the winter. Next year, I hope to be more aware of what is happening in my hives and I will harvest my own honey.


The honey at this stand is priced at $5 for a pint and $10 for a quart, that is a bargain! I know it is locally grown, you can see the hives right behind this little tent stand. The stand is unmanned and operates on the honor system. You put your money for the honey you take into this small mail box sitting on a table. I was fortunate enough to speak to the lady of the house when I was there earlier and I asked her about losing honey or money. She said most people were basically honest and in the years they have been doing this, they have only lost a couple of jars in that time. Huh, her outlook on humanity and my outlook are certainly different! I’ll soon have more time for posting so maybe I can come up with some projects around the homestead. Until then, keep prepping everyone!


6 Responses to “Homestead Update”

  1. Wendy September 27, 2015 at 8:35 pm #

    Cool way to market honey for sure! We are not harvesting this year either. We are learning, and will see what next year brings.
    We did find that doing our own splits and ordering queens was better than buying a Nuc. We learned that yes, you have to inspect every Two weeks to make sure things are growing. We are learning our forage changes and when to supplement. It’s a fascinating journey!
    Thanks for a great post.

  2. Pioneer Preppy September 27, 2015 at 10:54 pm #

    Their prices are a little cheaper than mine but not by much. I won’t do my final harvest until next week as I like to wait until the Goldenrod flow is about completely done then leave the girls with whatever else they can get until Winter. They usually have the Asters now until November.

    I just added the second brood chambers to some of my new hives that I got late season. This has been an excellent year for bees up here due to all the June and July rain. Now that we are abnormally dry there isn’t anything much for it to hit hard as the hay is all in and the Fall flow plants depend more on the early rains anyway.

  3. Think. Prep. Live! November 7, 2015 at 8:23 pm #

    There used to be a little roadside stand right around the corner from my childhood home. The owner set up a little box system very similar to this. Seeing your pictures brought back fond memories!

    • doublebhomestead November 8, 2015 at 10:20 am #

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that does seem like something you would encounter from the good ole days, but not so much in these times.

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