Homestead Update

2 Aug

I didn’t do anything much around the homestead this week. The heat index has been around 110 for the last 2 weeks but Tuesday the actual temperature was only 86 with low humidity, it was like being on vacation that day! I am still worried about my bees, they have not made any honey in the past 6 weeks. I have been feeding them sugar water but I stopped feeding this week. Maybe I am making them lazy and they need to go out and find their own food. I will be going to the area bee keepers meeting this week and I will definitely be picking the brains of some of the experienced beeks to see if I am doing something wrong.


This is a bee yard right beside a cotton field I check each week. And I do mean the hives are right next to the cotton. The hives are sitting within 5 feet of the cotton. What is that bee keeper thinking? All the bee keepers are screaming about the neonics harming the bees, and we apply those chemicals to cotton several times each year. He should at least move them back away from the field. I have been checking out the hives closely since I know more about what I am seeing. I noticed the commercial keepers don’t use inner covers or queen excluders. They also use migratory covers which they slide back from the edge to allow the bees to have an upper entrance.


I guess they don’t worry about the rain running down through the opening.


They are replacing the cross ties on the railroad near one of my fields. This is a pile of the old, ragged ones.


They used steel bands to bundle the good ties in groups of sixteen and stacked them up to picked up and put on a truck for resale. I sure could use some of those around here on the homestead.


I saw this freshly spread material on one of the many gravel roads I travel. At first glance it looks like crushed granite, but it is actually crushed steel mill slag. This slag is a waste by-product formed during the steel making process. You can buy this slag from the mills for virtually nothing except the cost of hauling the material. I saw them spreading some on the road one day and I asked the road worker if it was slag. He replied yes it is and volunteered it is a bunch of crap if you ask me! He said it is so soft after being driven over for a short while, the pieces get smaller and smaller until they just completely disappear. None-the-less, I could use several loads of that here on the homestead as well!


I went out to my man-cave today and Oreo and Kensey were laying on my workbench soaking up the air-conditioning. That’s two cool kitties! Keep prepping everyone!


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