Happy Independence Day!

4 Jul


As you are celebrating this Independence Day, I hope you are spending it with family and friends. I also hope you take a moment to reflect on what this holiday once actually meant. If you have not studied any old boring history concerning the hopes and dreams of our founding fathers, I wish you would take some time to do so. You will be shocked and appalled how far away we have diverged from their ideas. You can also read some writings from them and you will see they warned us about exactly what is occurring now, and how they urged us to be vigilant and prevent our current problems. Sadly, we have allowed our freedoms to slip away in the name of political correctness. God Bless America!


One of our local volunteer fire departments sells smoked pork shoulders to raise funds and we always get two to carry to the family get-together. I decided to try it out last night to make sure it was ok. I had a pulled pork sandwich with home-made slaw and a cold Sam Adams. That was mighty tasty, I might do that again tonight!


Even though it is a holiday, our local farmers market was open today. They had a big crowd of venders and buyers too. I bought some nice sweet corn to eat over the next few days. Sweet Thing doesn’t eat corn so it is all mine! BAH-HA-HA-HA!! Have a safe and happy holiday ya’ll!


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