Workweek Update

20 Jun

Let’s see if you might find anything interesting about my travels last week.


These old cars are sitting in the backyard of a house on the edge of a field I check. I asked the man what he intended to do with them. He said he was going to get a couple of them fixed up and running.  That was over twenty years ago when he told me that and they are still sitting there! That’s just typical of us men and our “big boy toys” isn’t it?


I found my usual assortment of sharp, rusty metal junk I pick up to avoid someone having a flat tire.


I found these teeth on the ground. I don’t think they were human, they didn’t have any gold fillings at least!


I saw this painted turtle, and you can’t tell from the picture, but he is almost 12 inches from nose to tail. That is huge for a painted turtle! He acted like he was supposed to act. When I approached he just went into his shell and sulled up and didn’t run all over the place like that racing turtle I encountered last summer!


I also encountered this huge soft-shelled turtle. She must have been 18 inches from nose to tail! She was digging a hole to lay her eggs so I snapped my picture and moved on so as not to disturb her anymore.


I see several nice gardens like this one as I travel around. Someday I will have time for a garden like this one. Until then, how is your garden growing?


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