Bee Day!

19 Jun

Last week for the monthly area bee keepers association meeting we met on a Saturday morning and went to inspect some bee hives at one of the older members homes.


He said he was under Doctor’s orders not to pick up the hives anymore. I think he just wanted us to be there to provide some free manual labor to pick up and move the hive bodies as he inspected them.


This is a really nice frame of capped brood surrounded along the top with capped honey. That is what a frame looks like when you have a good, healthy Queen!


I was being nosy and checking out his garden and grape vines while I was there.


After we inspected the hives, we met back at an area community center and had hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. Sweet Thing bought these cute cupcakes for our local baker. They resembled little bees sitting on top of natural bee hives. They were a big hit with the group!


I caught my second swarm of bees last week. This swarm went into a box trap with 2 empty frames and they drew out both frames with wax and had some capped brood in less than 10 days! Our neighbor came over and watched while we transferred the swarm over to a hive and he was astonished at how docile they were. After we finished with the new hive we went and opened one of my older hives that started from a nuc 6 weeks ago. I was pulling the frames up and showing him things and he said why aren’t they attacking us? He thought when you messed with bees, they just went crazy attacking and stinging! He said he might get bees of his own someday. We might have a new convert!


Some new bee hives showed up around one of the fields I check this past week. There were about 30 of these fancy, peaked roof hives. I have never seen professional hives look this nice and pretty so this must be an amateur like me, only with a lot more hives!


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