Homestead Update

30 May

It has been rainy and muddy again this week, with more rain today. Hopefully the forecast for a sunny dry week coming up will prove true, we could sure use a break, although we are certainly better off than the folks down in Texas. They are really getting pounded!


I have let the open area in the back grow wild this Spring for my bees to have forage on the blooming weeds and wildflowers. Much of what you see in the picture is volunteer plants from my prior planting of deer browse. A lot of it is matured out and going to seed and the birds are really loving it. I see goldfinches, blue buntings and cardinals feeding in there everyday. I need to disc it up and replant the flowers for my bees.


I found these blooming in the area, maybe that is where my bees are finding all that orange pollen.


I bought these two bags of seeds to plant, one bag of aromatic wildflowers and one bag of honey bee mix. I can’t wait to see what comes up.


While I was in the store I noticed this selection of high-priced “organic seed survival kits”. The label said the seeds were organic and non-GMO. Don’t fall for that folks. If you are worried about GMO crops just be aware all of the vegetable seeds you can buy at places like Lowes and Wal-Mart are non-GMO. There is no reason to pay a high premium price for these kits. Just go to the seed display and buy individual packages of things you would like to grow and eat. If you want larger quantities, go to your local feed and seed store and they will sell you seeds by the pound.


The biggest thing that happened on the homestead this week was rain. Thursday we got 2.25 inches in just 20 minutes! The water ran so hard and fast it really messed up my culverts on my woods trail. This smaller one washed completely out and the culvert ended up hung in a tree.


The water ran across the berm over my big culvert and washed away 4 feet of dirt on the downstream side. When it dries up I will add more dirt and put more rip-rap rocks to help hold it down. As it is it is just barely wide enough to drive my tractor across. More to come tomorrow.


One Response to “Homestead Update”

  1. Pioneer Preppy May 31, 2015 at 10:21 am #

    We are getting some flooding up here now. The Mo is over it’s banks in a few places and I noticed it was up to the highway in spots yesterday. I hope it dries out this week some.

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