Homestead Update; Bees, Bees, Bees!

8 May

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better, and the area farmers have done lots of work this week. Now we are wanting some rain!


Some of my regular readers might remember I plant test plots of seeds from the major seed companies to test out their newest varieties in an ‘on-farm’ environment. One of the seed reps showed up to help plant the plots with this rig and it really sped things up. After the planter travels through the field and plants 12 rows of each variety, the remaining seeds have to be sucked out of the seed hoppers before the next variety can be poured in. He had two vacuums and a generator mounted on the back of his ATV so he could move it right down the turn-row to follow the planter. It sure made the job easier!


I took off early one day to attend the local bee club meeting, and the person selling nucs of bees delivered them to the meeting. You can’t see the picture very well, but when he opened the back of his truck, he was surrounded by a cloud of bees! I told Sweet Thing “I’ll bet you’re glad we came in my truck instead of your SUV aren’t you?” She said “yeah, I wouldn’t want those loose bees inside with me.”



I put my two nucs in the bed of my truck and you can see the stragglers trying to get into the box.


The next morning, I opened the box and this is what I saw, hundreds of beautiful bees!


I didn’t even use smoke on these bees they were so calm. I just lifted them up out of the cardboard nuc, and set them down inside my hive. I have a sugar water feeder on top of the brood super but they are not utilizing it hardly at all. I think I will take it off this weekend and put another brood chamber on top of that one. Since these are 8 frame hives, they will only have three new frames to work with in the lower chamber. I checked them today on the fourth day and they seem to be content.


Shortly after a rain shower, you can see them still coming outside to go do some bee business. More to come tomorrow. Keep prepping everyone!


2 Responses to “Homestead Update; Bees, Bees, Bees!”

  1. Pioneer Preppy May 9, 2015 at 1:18 am #

    Don’t give them too much space too quickly or they won’t be able to defend it properly from pests. Usually I wait until they have started building comb or filled the entire box before putting a new box on.

    I would leave the sugar syrup too. As they work things out the nurse bees will begin taking the sugar syrup while the foragers go do the real nectar gathering. This will promote more comb building. Sugar syrup promotes comb building and since you started with nucs and not a swarm there are only a small percentage of bees in the hive that can actually produce comb right now. Once a bee reaches 4 weeks old and becomes a forager they lose the ability to build comb.

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