Gypsy Spring

3 Apr


I was checking my orchard a few days ago and I noticed the peach trees blooming. I saw 2 trees out of the 36 I planted that are not budding out as of yet. I will give them a few weeks just to be sure then I will replace them if need be. I might add some more blue berry bushes while I am replanting. Fruit trees blooming are a sure sign of Spring, as well as Gypsies passing through. That is known as “Gypsy Spring” in these parts, and why you might ask?


We live near a major North/South corridor, and we get quite a few hitch hikers coming through. Many of them are like this couple pictured above, modern-day Gypsies. These Gypsies are street people who spend the warm weather up North in cities like Chicago where they ply their Gypsy trades, then they travel back down South to winter in the warmer climes like New Orleans and Key West. Many of these people ply the traditional Gypsy lifestyle of pick pockets, purse snatching, petty theft, con games and scams. Being homeless and mobile, when the law begins to look at them too keenly, they just up and move to the next town. Around here, one of their favorite scams is repainting metal grain bins.


After time, grain bins get rusty and need repainting. A group of Gypsies will come through and catch some farmers unaware of the scam. They will paint the bins with silver paint, and immediately afterwards they look good. But being a Gypsy scam, they thin the real paint with so much diesel fuel, after a few months of sun and rain, the paint fades away and the bins look worse than they did before painting. But by that time, the Gypsies have moved on down the road and are long gone.


Another of their favorite scams is driveway sealing. They come around and offer to seal the driveways for a really low price. But, being a Gypsy scam, they will cut the sealant with diesel fuel, and after a few months you can’t even tell the driveways have been sealed. Once again, the Gypsies have moved on and are long gone by that time.


But probably one of their most profitable scams is roofing. They will follow around the country following hurricanes and tornados taking advantage of the desperation of people to have their homes repaired after a storm. They will offer to make the repairs at a seemingly good price. They will ask for a large sum up front to purchase the supplies and will promise to start in a couple of days. They might even climb on the roof and cover the damage with blue tarps to make the homeowner feel at ease. Then they never come back! After a few weeks of scamming, they have to leave the area when the police start getting complaints. All of this is just part of the Gypsy way of life, so as they say, let the buyer beware!


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