Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

14 Mar

Tonight we have another blast from my past. I was reading some blogs today and I discovered Gene Patton, AKA Gene Gene The Dancing Machine, passed away at the age of 82. When I was in college, times were harder than they are today. I stayed in a dorm where most of the residents were agriculture or forestry majors. This dorm did not have TVs and Wi-Fi in the rooms, heck, we didn’t even have air conditioning if you can imagine that. We did have a lounge area with a TV and whatever the group decided on was what we watched. We nearly always collected in the lounge in the afternoon after classes, and we usually watched shows such as MASH, Andy Griffin, and the Gong Show. One of the special treats while watching the Gong Show was the appearance of Gene Gene The Dancing Machine. When he came on, everyone in the lounge was required to get up and start dancing. If you have never experienced the pure unadulterated Joy that is Gene Gene, just click the link above and imagine a couple of dozen college boys dancing around the TV! Sounds kinda Gay now that I think about it. Enjoy!


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