6 Mar


So, you think prepping for the Zombie apocalypse is stupid huh? Well, I will agree with that for the most part, but how about a short-term local event like a snow storm? People were stuck on I-65 in Kentucky unable to move for 14 hours due to a recent snow storm. This was a storm that was predicted for a week in advance before it arrived and still people were unprepared. I bet most of those people in those vehicles had made no plans before hand in case of trouble. In our vehicle right now, we have a large canvas bag with our emergency supplies. Like what you might ask? Tools, booster cables, first aid kit, extra socks and gloves, blankets, flashlights, water, food, books and a hatchet. Why a hatchet? I might get caught out without my pistol at times, but with a hatchet in my hands I can stop a lot of BS before it gets out of hand! This kit stays in our vehicle at all times and the food and water gets rotated out a couple of times a year. When the weather is bad you should keep an emergency kit in you vehicle, even if the Zombies never come, at least you can be prepared for a storm! Keep prepping everyone!


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