Homestead Update; Snowbound Once Again!

6 Mar


Two weeks ago we had 5 inches of sleet which was just about melted away when this last storm came through and dropped 8 inches of snow on us. This is the most snow we received in several years so sweet Thing and I went out to play!


Here she is all bundled up like the temperature is 20 below!


We explored the woods and found several sets of deer tracks in the fresh snow.


Looking towards the dog pen you can tell it is a solid field of snow. I looked out later in the day while the sun was shining and I saw the dogs laying on the snow just like they lay on the grass. I guess the cold doesn’t bother them too bad when they have their winter coats.


We took them into the woods with us to run and play and she finally managed to get Jethro to sit still long enough to get a picture so you can see what a big boy he is.


Then he came over to me to give me some love!


Then Wilma came over and said what about me?


We never could get her to sit still long enough to get a good picture. She kept jumping on Sweet Thing and knocking her down. I recently purchased a double set of dog training collars to help teach them some manners. You might remember I found these two dogs dumped out in the boonies when they were puppies. I really wasn’t prepared to own any dogs at time, and it was at the start of my busy season so I didn’t have any time to work with them and train them any. So now they have grown up to be just like big rowdy puppies with no manners!


This is the field right behind our homestead. That large tree sitting just off of the fence line is a pecan tree. I think I might see a Karo Nut Pie in my near future. Keep prepping everyone!


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