John Boehner caves on Barack Obama’s Executive illegal immigration

4 Mar

I think this this illustrates the political theater played out in Washington perfectly. Both sides are in favor of mass immigration whether legal or illegal. Both sides have different goals, but the results are the same.

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john-boehner-crying Earlier today John Boehner caved and brought a Department of Homeland Security funding bill to the floor which did not cut off funding for Barack Obama’s Executive Action on illegal immigration. The legislation passed and naturally this has conservatives outraged but there is no sense in being outraged when we we all knew this was going to be the end result–I am passed the outrage stage.

  This result was predetermined from the beginning: I have written time and time again that all of the Democrats and most of the Republicans are on the same side, this was just a game played out in front of the American voters and the game is known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

  In reality John Boehner played his role in the Dialectic perfectly. That sentence will most likely outrage many conservatives who do not understand what John Boehner’s role was.


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One Response to “John Boehner caves on Barack Obama’s Executive illegal immigration”

  1. Pioneer Preppy March 4, 2015 at 10:42 pm #

    I don’t think both sides of the political class have different goals at all. They may have different personal reasons that make some happy about it and some not happy about it but politically they have only one hail mary play and that is to import about 200 million people as fast as they can before all the baby boomers retire. The numbers are really very clear they need that many workers to support all the retirees and pensions coming down the pipe shortly. They must buy into the Multi-Cult myth that Hajie can and will produce as well as Sean from Iowa. They quite simply have absolutely no other choice.

    This is why all politicians once they get into office turn a deaf ear to their constituents about immigration, legal or otherwise. They are shown the actual numbers and the message is clear. Bring in 200 million new workers or don’t pay your retirees….

    It won’t work of course but it’s the only play they have.

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