14 Feb


I wanted to make a few more comments about my recent trip to Jamaica. I took this picture from the bus as we were speeding down the highway. These two young men were herding their goats down the side of the road, taking them to a fresh feeding spot. One of the goats was on a leash, the others were just following along. I really like this picture, I wish the picture wasn’t so blurry, otherwise I might print it out and hang it in my office.


There was some construction going on around the resort, and the workers used these scaffolds made of wooden poles lashed together with hemp ropes. Definitely not OSHA approved I would guess.


I noticed the workers were building some new structures in this area, and although they had some electric saws, I watched them use non-electric tools like hammers, axes, handsaws, and bracing bits. I have all those tools myself, and they do the job just fine, but the electric versions sure speed up the process.


Whenever I go somewhere, I am always poking my nose into places where it is not expected. I climbed up and looked over the back wall at the resort and took this picture. It is not a place where many people look, you can see some power lines, sewer lines and the barbed wire topped security fence to keep the riff-raff out. It is hard to see in this picture, but that blue tarp is a poor-mans tent situated in a clearing in the underbrush. Underneath it I saw blankets, lanterns, cookware, food supplies and water. Apparently some of the construction workers were living there while they worked at the resort. It just goes to show how lucky most of us are here in our cozy homes, and should serve as a reminder for us to be thankful for what we have.


I took this picture out of my window of the plane. That land mass you see below is Cuba. I bet Castro really doesn’t like the US flying directly over his island. I’m glad he didn’t decide to shoot off one of his missiles at us to make a last grand gesture before he passes away!


Sweet Thing took this picture of me as I was lounging in the pool. I have never seen myself from this angle, not even when I look in the mirror. So, looking at this I think WTH! What is that big, bare, shiny spot on the top of my head? I bet it is caused by rubbing against those chemical company hats I wear all the time. I wonder if I stopped wearing those hats, would my hair grow back? What do you think? Keep prepping everyone!


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