Ford Model 309 Planter

25 Jan

I haven’t posted anything lately, I have been busy with work and other things so much I haven’t done much in the way of homestead activities.


I was out working last week and I found this full size crow bar on the shoulder of the road. Hey, I can always use another prybar. I have been thinking about getting a planter for my tractor to plant food plots and garden plots. I looked at new Covington brand one row planters and they are in the $2000 range. No way! I was thinking about buying an old 4 row planter and taking two units off to make a planter. As I have been checking Craig’s list and the shoppers guide I noticed an ad for this little jewel.


This is a Ford 309 planter and it was for sale for $600. I looked on-line and this unit usually sells for $1500 or more on Ebay or Tractor House so I decided to check it out. After looking it over and dickering the price down to $400 it is now mine. It has all the parts, but some of the metal works inside the fertilizer hopper may need to be replaced, especially the bearings. Otherwise, I think with a good lube job and some adjustments it might be ready to go to the field. It is hard to believe but farmers actually used equipment this size to make a living with. This was a sweet, top-of-the-line planter at one time. I can just imagine some farmer standing on a dealers lot wishing he had this planter but thinking he just couldn’t afford to buy something that extravagant. I went online and bought a copy of the owner’s manual so I will be ready to roll! I don’t plan on using it this year so I will have time to recondition it. I need to disc my garden area to work in the tire ruts the dump truck created last fall. Once I get that area smoothed out, I think I can use this planter and just no-till my food plots from now on. And I found a good source for small equipment as you can see from the other stuff in the picture.


We were supposed to get a good snow recently, but this little light dusting is all we received. That was plenty for me! I walked in the woods recently and I noticed the Honey Suckle and briars starting to put out new growth so I think the False Spring is coming early this year. But it won’t be long until Spring is truly here, so keep prepping everyone!


2 Responses to “Ford Model 309 Planter”

  1. Pioneer Preppy January 25, 2015 at 11:41 pm #

    I think I saw a 2 row planter up here for about $250.00 not long ago but it was a really ancient one. I need to pick up a disc yet myself before I start thinking about planters.

    • doublebhomestead January 26, 2015 at 10:04 am #

      That dealer had 2 old John Deere planters but they were in sad shape and would have needed a lot of work. I think I might just take my time and refurbish my planter properly, even go so far as a repaint job and I might sell it in the future as a sure-enough functioning antique!

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