Homestead Update

6 Dec


The crew finished my barn addition this week! I am looking forward to pulling some of my junk important accessories out of my main workshop and storing them in the new addition so I will have some room to work on some projects this winter.


This is the additional 10 feet of concrete floor I had installed. I will put up an outer wall and insulate it so the wash room will be warm and toasty in the winter. I might put in another door closer to the side wall to make the washroom smaller so it will be easier to heat, I’ll have to do some figuring on that before I get to work.


I did get around to trying the Augasons Farm long-term survival food. We tried the instant potato soup mix and it was about as expected but it had a strong onion flavor. Now, I like onion so it was not a problem, but it was just unexpected. We did decide it was too thick when prepared according to the directions, so we doubled the water and it was just right. We added some leftover English peas and it made a fine soup. You could mix this up and add all sorts of other ingredients and make different types of soups to have some variety with it. You could also pour it over rice, or pour it over chicken and bake it in a casserole dish for a hearty main course. We are not going to open any of the other packages, we are going to save them for when SHTF, but when it happens we will be prepared. Will you? Keep prepping everyone!


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