Homestead Update

29 Nov

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. I spent a few days with my family and it was time well spent as always. I haven’t done a lot around the homestead, I have two close family members who are in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation centers, so I have been going back and forth with them. But I do have a few projects going, specifically, a new addition to my barn!


I am putting an addition onto the existing structure. The crew is behind schedule, they decided the rafters were too high to put up per their usual method, they had to rent a Skylift to work the rafters. Due to the slope of the ground, the bottom of the end rafter is 14 feet off of the ground and the workers weren’t comfortable working that high.



They are attaching the new framing to the old structure, and when the new sheets of steel go up all the cutouts will be hidden and covered up.


When the workers started on the construction, I had to remove the old hoop style enclosure for the cat run, so the cats have been penned up inside the man cave for the past few days and they definitely were not happy. The first thing I did today is to make a new enclosure so they could come back outside. The enclosure is held against the wall with two big deck screws so when the crew gets ready to pour the concrete in this area, I can easily move the enclosure without tearing it down. Oreo and Kensey were definitely happy to be back outside!


The new addition is an additional 40 feet in length. The first ten feet next to the existing shop will be enclosed and will have a concrete floor. I roughed in the plumbing for a wash room by myself and I hope I did it right, it was sort of a rush job. The other 30 feet of addition will be enclosed on three sides with one side open so I can drive equipment underneath to be out of the weather. I will build some shelves and racks in the back to store things out of the weather and still have room for my mowers and tractor. How long do you think it will be before the new structure is full of stuff and I am wanting more room? Not too long I bet! I will have more tomorrow, keep prepping everyone!

2 Responses to “Homestead Update”

  1. michigan doug at 6:01 am #

    That’s the way it works. Get more space, get more stuff.

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