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Traveling Around

9 Oct


As I was traveling around working last week, I took some time to slow down and enjoy the scenery. This is a barge working it’s way up the Mississippi River.



I’ve seen all sorts of mushrooms around the homestead this week. Those round ones we called Poof Balls when I was a kid. You wait for them to mature and turn brown, stomp on them and they go POOF!, a big cloud of spores will go flying away.



Bright blue skies and puffy white clouds over the homestead.


I spotted this Copperhead slithering across the road in front of my truck. Squish! One less venomous snake in the world to have to be wary of.


A farmer was harvesting soybeans in a field across from the house and he left a truck out there overnight. In the morning, just as the fog was lifting, you could barely see it in the mist.


You can barely see them, but a flock of Buzzards was floating on the air currents. I really enjoy this beautiful Fall weather. Keep prepping everyone!

October Is The Driest Month Of The Year?

8 Oct

October is usually the driest month of the year according to historical averages, but this week, the weatherman is calling for rain every day. I don’t want any rain for the next 6 weeks, harvest is in full swing.


There are cotton fields all over the area, wide open, waiting to be picked.


Fields like this will be damaged if they are rained on, so I hope the rains will hold off.


Our garden is about finished, but I noticed this cantaloupe growing between the trellis and the wall of my shop.


It should taste just fine, it just looks kinda’ funny.



You can sure tell Fall is here, people are putting out their Fall displays of pumpkins, gourds and mums.


There are even some mums outside of my bank. Come on in and give us your money. HA! I might as well put it under my mattress for all the interest I am drawing. Can you say “ZERO”?


Oreo says it is time to go, so I will be back soon. Keep prepping everyone!

Tuesday Tunes:Ted Nugent;Stranglehold

7 Oct

How about some Nuge this evening? Enjoy!