Lowe’s Storage Cabinets and Shelves.

29 Sep


I have been using several of these cheap inexpensive storage shelves from Lowe’s. They are made from 50% recycled plastic (Saving the planet!). I have a 6 foot tall version that I use to store my chemicals, oils, solvents, etc., anything that might be a little toxic that I want to keep away from children and pets. But I wanted to put this unit underneath my workbench and I wanted to put some really heavy items inside. I was afraid the plastic shelves wouldn’t hold up so I devised a way to reinforce the shelves.


The shelves originally sat on some plastic clips inserted into the sides. I cut some wooden 1X2 Slats to fit underneath the shelves. I screwed several 1/2 inch flat-head screws in from the outside through the plastic into the wood slats. I did this on all 3 sides for extra support and I have another slat to form a sort of leg to hold up the front of the shelf. I think it should be sturdy enough now, but I will let you know how it works out.


Of course, anytime I do any work out in the shop, Oreo and Kensey think they need to help!


As you can see, that bad spot on Kensey’s nose finally healed up just fine. It took several weeks for the hair to regrow on the spot where the Vet scraped off that scab, but he is as handsome as ever!


I took this picture as I was working last week. You can’t see them very well, but that is a flock of native Canadian Geese in the pond. When I drove up, they were grazing in that freshly harvested corn field in the foreground. When I stopped to take a picture, they went scurrying back to the pond. I think I might know where my Christmas Goose is coming from. Keep prepping everyone!


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