Homestead Update

20 Sep


I finally have a little time to start doing some chores around the Homestead as my workload begins to slow down somewhat. I had two loads of gravel brought in and I starting spreading some in the low spots in the driveways and putting the rest in some new places to make a new path towards the back of my shop.


I also began installing the new culvert to gain access to the back of the homestead. I picked it up with the frontend loader on my Kubota and dropped it into the gully I need to cross. The place I dropped it was actually 5 feet downstream from where I really wanted it. The slope was too steep for me to be able to use my tractor to move it so I had to use the ole’ noggin and devise a plan. Now sometimes when I devise a plan it can be quite an adventure, but this time it went smooth as silk.


I could not get into the gully with my tractor or even my ATV so I had to use manual force. The man I bought the culvert from said it weighed 800 pounds so it was not going to be an easy task. I was worried it would be too heavy to move, especially since it had come a rain after I placed the culvert in the gully and washed some dirt in around it. I used my handy-man jack to lift both ends and break the tension with the ground, and while I had the end up I wrapped a chain around the pipe. I used two more chains to reach a good sturdy tree and attached my manual come-along to try to drag it forward. I was anticipating having to use two come-alongs, one on each side of the ditch since the culvert was so heavy. But when I started cranking up that first come-along the pipe slid right along like it was on a greased skid! I never even had to strain to move it the necessary 5 feet.



I then had a dump truck bring two loads of dirt which I spread over the culvert. I think I am going to use two more loads and hopefully that will do the job.


I also had a truck load of rip-rap rocks brought in so I can seal the sides of the crossing around the ends of the culvert to help prevent erosion. I will have a lot of rock left over, but I have several plans to put it to use later. More to come.


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