Naked Ladies!

5 Sep

No, it’s not what you think! I am going to post some flower pictures, not the other kind!


This is a ring of Belladonna lilies, or what are commonly known as “Surprise Lilies” or “Johnny Jump-Ups”. One of my readers last year called them “Naked Ladies” and I have never heard them called that. I guess people around here are too polite to use that term. HAHA!


They are pretty no matter what you call them. What makes them unusual is the flowers appear before the foliage appears, thus the term “Surprise”!


I saw a big spot of these wild hibiscus growing along a ditch bank.


I noticed this long row of coreopsis blooming. An insect called the Tarnished Plant Bug really likes this flower, and when the blooms dry out, the insects move into the cotton fields, then I have to recommend spraying to kill them.


I also saw these pretty weeds, although they are not really flowers. This is a weed known as Marestail, and it is difficult to kill. The weeds have been sprayed with a herbicide that bleached out the bud and turned them yellow, all be it temporarily. Within a week this weed was solid green once again. More to come, keep prepping everyone.


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