Homestead Update

30 Aug

Yes, I am still alive, I just have been too tired to get excited enough to sit down and compose a post. Things should be slowly winding down for this season so I should at least be able to getting back to working up some posts for the weekends.


Not much true homestead activity this Summer, just mowing and picking up limbs. I am still getting some ‘maters off of my plants and Sweet Thing is still eating them.


My eyes were hurting last week so I stopped into Walgreens and bought some eye drops. Talk about deceptive packaging! Look at the size of that box compared to the size of the bottle! I got taken on that deal.


I am starting to see some open cotton bolls and that always cheers me up. The end is in sight.


I am seeing a few fields of corn being harvested, and the rest should be in full swing within a week so that is definitely a good sign this season is drawing to an end.


I made a good roadside find this week. I was going down a road that has a lot of vehicles pulling boats going to a local lake and I spotted this rain jacket on the shoulder of the road. It had the logo for Ranger Boats on it and I figure it blew out of someone’s boat as they were going down the road. It is even my size! I took it home and Sweet Thing washed it with a little Lysol in the wash in case it had cooties and I am going to hang it out in my workshop in case I get caught unexpectedly in the rain. It always pays to be prepared. Keep prepping everyone!


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