When Seconds Count,,,,

25 Jul

We had an interesting experience here a few nights ago. It was 3am and we were awakened by the doorbell ringing and pounding on the front door. What in the world? I jumped out of bed and put on my pants that were on the stool at the end of the bed. (I keep my pants at the ready on the stool every night, don’t you?) I grabbed my 9mm from the nightstand and headed for the front of the house. I looked out of the front window before going to the door and I saw 2 Sheriff’s patrol cars in the drive. Well, that took some of the high anxiety away. So then I thought to myself, have I done anything lately that the Sheriff would want to talk to me about in the middle of the night? Nah, I’m ok, I’ve been too busy working to get into any mischief. Then I laid my pistol on the kitchen counter, I didn’t want to answer the door with a pistol in my hand.


The deputy said they had an open line 911 call from this address and I said there must be some mistake. There was no one here except me and Sweet Thing and until 2 minutes ago, we were sound asleep. He called in to the dispatcher and verified the number and address and the dispatcher said the line was still open. He asked us to check the line so Sweet Thing brought one of the portable hand sets to the door and I checked and no dial tone, just static. He said he was glad all was well and we should have the phone line checked out tomorrow. After he left, I thought about what had transpired and I was a bit concerned. I know I have an honest and sincere face, but he didn’t even come inside to check around. Sweet Thing and I could have been a pair of serial killers with the real residents of the house bound and gagged in the back room. Or some crazed killer could have sent us to the door with orders to get rid of the cops while holding a gun to our children’s heads. The deputy would really have no way of knowing anything was truly safe without checking further. I guess my bright smiling face convinced him everything was A-OK. So just remember,,,

440 When Seconds count 10x3.5

Keep safe everyone!


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