Homestead Update

13 Jul

Not much happened around the homestead this week, again due to my full work schedule.



I found several nice marbles while working in the field.


I also found two more Indian artifacts. I probably won’t find much more this year, the crops are large enough now to shade the ground so it is getting hard to see much below the canopy.


It has finally dried up enough we have started watering the cotton, although the weather forecast is for rain and cooler temps starting tomorrow.


Most of the cotton is blooming and that is right on schedule to be normal.


I drove up to where one of my farmers was working and he had backed his sprayer off into the ditch and was hung up. He was waiting on someone to bring a tractor and pull him out, and he was really POed!


I bought this little push mower to take to MILs house so Sweet Thing could help mow her yard. This was one of the $149 Wal-Mart specials. I took it out of the box, poured in the oil and gas, pulled the starter rope and it started on the first pull! A few years ago this mower cost just $99, and I mean only just 5 years ago. This goes to show how inflation is creeping in slowly and steadily and most people don’t even see it. This economy is tanking folks, you better be prepared for it, so keep prepping everyone!


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