Stop And Smell The Roses

22 Jun

As I was working this week, I noticed some of the flowers blooming in the area.



This is a Canadian Thistle.


This is a red Lily in my garden.


These are some wild pink roses.


These pink Holly-Hocks were growing in a ditch bank along a gravel road.


This is a bloom on a cottonwood tree. I think you can see why they call it that, this clump of seeds look just like an open boll of cotton. When a gust of wind hits a clump like this, the seeds go floating away for a long, long ways.


I also had to make a mad dash back to my truck to outrun a rain cloud. I stopped and snapped this picture of the rainbow about 2 minutes before the rain began pouring down. Actually it was a double rainbow, if you look closely you can just see it. Keep prepping everyone, and watch out for those rain storms.


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