Adult Dyslexia

6 Jun

I was on my tractor a few days ago and noticed I had 412 hours on the meter. I thought I remembered there was some oil changes needed to be performed at 400 hours so I checked my owner’s manual and sure enough at 400 hours I needed to do an engine oil change as well as a hydraulic oil change.


I went to the dealership and bought the necessary filters, $110 dollars worth for 3 oil filters and one fuel filter!


I went to Tractor Supply and bought the oil. I learned my lesson about buying Kubota brand oil when I did the break-in oil change at 20 hours. I wasn’t about to fall for that again, but never-the-less, it was still $140 worth of oil today! I changed the engine oil and filter then started the engine to check for leaks and check the level on the stick. While I was starting the engine I looked down and noticed the hour meter read 214 hours. WTH?! I misread it as 412 instead of 214! The engine oil did need changing at 200 hours, but I have nearly another 200 hours until the other oil changes are due. It has taken 2 1/2 years to get 200 hours even with mowing the entire yard for 2 seasons. Now with the ZTR mower doing most of the mowing chores it will be several years before I hit 400 hours. I will probably encounter a time limit for service before that time. I’m glad I caught that before I changed the hydraulic oil, that saved me quite a bit of money. I must have had a flash of adult dyslexia and my brain read the numbers backward! Whew! Ain’t getting old fun? Keep prepping everyone!


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