Homestead Update

16 May

I have been busy this past week due to planting season finally getting underway. I am at the time of year I might work 30 days in a row without taking a day off.


Cotton planting got underway last week, this is one of our plots where we put out 12 different varieties to test out.


We have some corn planted to look at this year and most of it looks like this, pretty small and weak!


This is about the biggest corn around.


I found this old hammer head in the field.


I mowed the grass again, but I left this big, tall cereal rye grass in the back. This is part of my deer browse I planted, and I am going to leave it until the rye goes to seed. Maybe it will come back next year.


This is some crimson clover I didn’t mow. It came back naturally from the deer browse I planted last year.


I saw some honey bees working these blooming turnips, so I waited to mow this strip as well.


I cut up the Magnolia tree that the wind blew down in the neighbor’s yard and I added the green wood to my wood pile for burning this winter. Keep prepping everyone!


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