Welding Table

3 May

I was at the in-laws last week doing some Spring cleaning. The entire family was supposed to be there, but Sweet Thing and I were there a day early and I spent most of that afternoon pulling up 30 t-posts with a handy-man jack and chain. My MIL told my nephew he could load up all the old metal objects and sell them for scrap. There was an old meat smoker made out of an old hot water heater tank, some old tire rims, some non-running lawn mowers, etc. and even though I could have used some of it myself I thought OK, she can do what she wants with it. But, I looked up and saw my Nephew heading to the scrap trailer with an arm load of t-posts I said “Whoa big boy, that ain’t happening!” I took great care to pull them up without bending them and they cost about $4 each new, so I am going to claim those.


I also claimed this home-made lawn mower trailer. I have been looking into building a welding table for my shop, and after pricing the raw metal, I realized the table would require about $250 worth of new metal to build a 4X4 steel table. Then I look at this trailer and see that the floor is made out of a 4X8 solid sheet of 1/4 inch steel plate and the frame is made from 1X3 inch steel tubing. I can cut that up and have the steel I need for free! I winched it up on my trailer and brought it home with me. Sorry Nephew, finders keepers, losers weepers, better luck next time! At this point I head to Harbor Freight to purchase a cutting torch set that is on sale this month.


It was on sale for $299 but with my 20% off coupon that was about $240. I ended up spending the same money as if I had bought the new metal, but now I have the old metal and a torch kit for the same money!

welding table

Then while I was in Harbor Freight I discovered this welding table on sale for $59 less 20% or just $47, so I bought it! I read the reviews on-line and they were mostly positive. It seemed well built for something from Harbor Freight, and when not in use it folds up and stands next to the wall out of the way. So now what do I do with the old trailer, do I let Nephew have it? NAHH! I might build a table anyway and put it outside close to the door and I could use it there. Or I might put new tires on the trailer and use it as it is. Decisions, decisions! Keep prepping everyone!


2 Responses to “Welding Table”

  1. pioneer preppy May 3, 2014 at 9:50 pm #

    I been wanting to geta welder and build a forge for years now but so far it hasn’t been in the cards.

    And I don’t blame ya one bit no way you should have let him take tposts for scrap. Scrap ain’t paying budcuss right now anyway but he wouldn’t get but maybe 10 cents a posts anyway maybe 20.

    I would get that little trailer operational again they are always handy to have around.

    • doublebhomestead May 4, 2014 at 3:37 pm #

      I bought one of those $99 mig welder at Harbor Freight last year. It is certainly not the best but it will do for my needs. The primary reason I bought this is it operates on 110 instead of 220 so I didn’t need any extra wiring in my shop.

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