Homestead Update

2 May


After the storm we had recently, I was glad to see my tomatoes were doing OK. Those two large tomato plants I had in pots that I covered up with plastic garbage bags during the two nights of freezing weather survived, but they did have some frost damage on the upper leaves.


While I was putting out the mulch mats around the fruit trees I stopped to admire these blooms on this golden delicious apple tree.


I even have a small peach on this tree. I might get to pick a fresh peach this summer!


We went to our old house in town and dug up a few plants to transplant at our new home. I am going to keep them in pots this year, I can keep them watered better that way.


I also was forced privileged to attend my Nephew’s birthday party this past week.


Now that’s the way to eat cake! Looks like he is really enjoying it, doesn’t it?

Keep prepping everyone!

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