Old Timey Cellphones

29 Mar

Recently Stephen over at dixie critter had a post where some teenagers were laughing and making fun of his old-style landline on his desk. Well, those kids should get a look at my first cellphone.


Here it is, my first cellphone, a Motorola bag phone, circa 1985. Don’t laugh, this thing was amazing. You could use this in your truck and make a telephone call from anywhere! (as long as you had a signal) It even had a battery and you could carry it with you and make a call standing outside. Incredible! It was a miracle! Previously, I had to be in the house or at a payphone to make a call. I would work until 6:00 or so, then I would get home, take a shower, eat a bite of dinner and start calling my clients around 7:30 up till about 10:00. Now-a-days with cellphones, I can talk to them at all hours of the day and not have to be on such a tight calling schedule. Having a cellphone has allowed me to take on more clients because I could contact more of them throughout the day and not be limited to just the evening hours. Of course, that bag phone was state of the art for that time, but it didn’t even have a camera. Who needed that? I had this.


A Polaroid Instamatic camera! And yes, I checked on Amazon today, you can still buy film for this camera. Prior to this I had a 35 MM camera that used a roll of film. Kids, this was how it worked. You loaded the film in the camera and took pictures until the roll was full, usually 24-36 pictures per roll. Then you took that roll to the drugstore, put it in an envelope for the lab to pick up. In about a week or ten days you would get your pictures back. After looking them over, if you had some you wanted to share, you went back to the drug store, put the negatives in an envelope for the lab to pick up. Then in another week or ten days you would get back pictures to share with your family and friends. Now wasn’t that easy? Thinking about the old phones and cameras reminded me of this.


We keep this plastic case under the seat of Sweet Things vehicle. What is it?


You open the case and inside you have an emergency communication device, a CB radio! Sweet Thing has kept this radio since the early 1970’s and it still works perfectly. As a matter of fact, we used it recently on our trip to Nashville. We topped a hill and I slammed on the brakes to avoid a solid line of vehicles jammed up in both lanes of traffic. What in the world is going on? We pulled out the CB and the truckers were telling each other there was an accident 2 miles ahead and you needed to be in the right-hand lane to get around. I moved over to the right and crept ever so slowly past the jam-up. Sweet Thing used the radio a few months prior to that in similar circumstances only this time the wreck was so bad the traffic was at a complete standstill. The truckers were telling each other how to get off of the interstate and by-pass the accident so it saved her from sitting on the road for several hours waiting for the accident to clear. This radio really comes in handy sometimes, it just helps to be prepared. Keep prepping everyone!


3 Responses to “Old Timey Cellphones”

  1. Stephen March 29, 2014 at 11:21 pm #

    My wife had one of those bag phones until she had a one of the first portable systems installed in her car. I miss the Polaroids. I’ve a ten meter CB in my truck and it comes in awful handy, and between you and me the radio has a kicker which will boost the power to over 450 watts. Thanks, Bro.

    • doublebhomestead March 29, 2014 at 11:45 pm #

      Us old-timers have to stick together. After all who else will remember the good-ole days such as black and white TV with only 3 networks and no remote control.

      • Stephen March 30, 2014 at 11:29 pm #

        Amen…we’re quickly fading into the shadows of time.

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