Old Coleman Stoves

8 Mar

Stephen, over at dixie critter, is a connoisseur of old camping stoves and lanterns, and I thought he might enjoy seeing my old stove.


This is my old lantern I bought sometime around 1971, and as you can see I still have the original box it came in although I have added some duct tape to keep the bottom closed.


At the same time I bought this two burner stove to go with it.



I also have the original box and instruction manual to go with it.


The price sticker shows I paid $29.88 at Magic Mart. That seems like a pretty steep price for 1971!


I also had a Sears&Roebuck 8X12 canvas tent similar to this one. I had this gear because my friend and I spent a lot of time camping and fishing in our younger days. We started doing this when we were 14 years old. Of course, we felt like we had to have all this equipment to go camping  just like the stories we read in Outdoor Life and Field&Stream magazines. My friend’s brother-in-law had an old Chevy pick-up he would let us borrow and we would load all of our gear in the back and head to the local lakes and rivers in the area. Yes, we were driving at 14 years of age with our parents admonishment to not be driving around in town because the        po-lice knew weren’t old enough to have a driver’s license. Of course, we did go into town anyway, but that is probably a few stories that would best be left untold. Devil Anyway, we would find a good spot and set out Yo-Yos and trot lines and fish most of the night. We kept our own families and several others supplied with fish all the time. Eventually, we only used the camping stove about 3 times and we decided it was too much trouble to carry the stove and the pots and pans and utensils and grease to use with it.


We ended up retiring the stove in favor of a portable charcoal grill we used to cook steaks and hamburgers. We also cooked big hot dogs over the campfire we always made so we had plenty to eat without the Coleman Stove. I still have the Lantern and the Stove so I am prepared to use them if I need them. As I was taking the picture of the Lantern, I noticed the mantles had crumbled so I headed to Wally-World to buy some replacements. There are some replacement mantles stored underneath the lantern in a snap-on compartment, but they are at least 20 years old as well because it has been that long since it has been used!


While I was there I bought another gallon of fuel and I noticed this lantern on the shelf. It is the dual fuel model which uses Coleman fuel or unleaded gasoline. Right now the Coleman fuel costs $12 per gallon and Gasoline is just over $3 and if times get hard, it will be easier to find gasoline than Coleman fuel so I decided to pick up this lantern and put it back with my preps. What did you add to your preps this week?


2 Responses to “Old Coleman Stoves”

  1. Stephen March 9, 2014 at 2:26 pm #

    Nice to see the stove and lanterns in such nice shape…you’ve taken good care of ’em, Bubba. Coleman recently announced the end of the 220 lanterns, the last of the old green lanterns in their lineup. All Coleman products are now made in China, the tag will still have printed, made in the USA, but is very misleading. I’d still use the Coleman fuel for the new purchase. RUG will destroy the generator of the lantern with continued use. I keep about ten gallons of CF on hand. Crown brand lantern and stove fuel can be had for a couple dollars less the name brand Coleman fuel and works just as well..Academy stocks Crown as do smaller hardware stores. Time for me to step into the garage and get back to work my current stove restoration. Thanks, my friend.

    • doublebhomestead March 9, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep using the Coleman fuel as long as it is available and just use RUG in emergencies.

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