Homestead Dogs

6 Mar

The weather was warm and dry for two days last week so I went out and pulled some soil samples.


As I was working in a field that was at least two miles from the nearest house, I saw four dogs coming my way. Uh-Oh! I hope they are friendly, I don’t want to fight a pack of dogs to get back to my truck. Well, no need to worry. They just stopped by to say hello and rest up a bit before they continued on their way. They all had collars and were well fed so they were just out for a Walk-About I guess.


Two of them appeared to be part Great Pyrenees.


From the size of her belly and her swelling teats, I think this girl is going to have some puppies. I wonder if the owners need to give away some of those puppies? Hummmm. Keep prepping everyone.


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