Winter Storm Titan

3 Mar


Well, the odds of probability finally caught up with us. This is the seventh or eighth time the weatherman has predicted we would get a substantial amount of freezing precipitation and although we lucked out on the previous predictions, this time it hit us as predicted.


I was barely able to open the garage door because of this piled against it. This is not snow; it is all sleet! It started out as rain, then turned to freezing rain, then turned to sleet before turning back to freezing rain briefly. This stuff is packed down so hard, as I was walking across the yard, I didn’t even leave a foot print. I don’t know what kind of snow you Yanks call this, but it would be great skiing snow! I rode my ATV for a while and I spun some donuts until I almost tipped over; then I decided to quit being silly and leave that stuff to the youngsters. I am too old to be tumping over on an ATV.


This is the view out of the front door.


This is a mound of sleet over three feet deep where it ran off of the valleys on the roof!



I walked out to the highway and took this picture. As you can see not too much traffic has made the hazardous trek down this road. But all in all, we were very lucky the freezing rain quit and turned to sleet when it did. Once again, even though it is hazardous on the roads, we still have electricity, heat, water and CABLE! I am going to light a fire, snuggle in my recliner and watch some shows on Netflix this afternoon. Keep warm everyone!


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