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SEXING UP YOUR KIDS: Here’s What A School Has for Your 4th Grader

20 Feb

We must be very progressive here in Tennessee. I have no problem with a parent discussing these subjects with their own children, when the children are ready. I DO NOT want some teacher in a classroom full of other students to have the responsibility of discussing these matters with my children. How about you?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Here is a book called “It’s Perfectly Normal” on the 4th grade reading list in Tennessee. Below are photos I took from the book that concerned Teacher of 30 years Candy Emerson shared with me. Parents are not aware that this book is in 4th grade classrooms. Candy Emerson is currently running for a position on the Williamson County Schoolboard in an attempt to remove these books and Common Core from schools, and to remove apathy from the current school board.

Yeah. Time to start home schooling. You’ll have to click the link to see the book.

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Homemade Soup and Cornbread

19 Feb


With all this cold weather we have been having Sweet Thing decided to make a big pot of soup. It can be any sort of mixed vegetables that you like, a tiny bit of beef stew meat, all slow simmered in a tomato base. Yum!


It is really good with a pan of cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet. Ah, that really hits the spot on these cold Winter evenings. Keep prepping everyone!

Newest Followers

19 Feb

I would like to welcome my newest followers blondgirl07, GiantGag, and msasser87. Thanks for hitting that follow button, I appreciate it!

Water Storage

18 Feb


I have been reading about the extreme drought that is occurring out West and it got me to thing about water storage again. I saw these food grade plastic barrels in Sportsman’s Warehouse recently. The 55 gallon drums cost about $60 and the 20 gallon were $25. With something this large you would need a way to siphon the water out and they had a food grade siphon for $20. A couple of those barrels would take up a lot of space, but if your water quit flowing, it sure would be good to have this on hand wouldn’t it? Otherwise you will be heading to town to scramble with the mob at the stores to buy water or standing in line to get water from the government handout assistance.


I think I have a shortage in my preps! Keep prepping everyone!

Harbor Freight Portable Garage

17 Feb


Well, I still have a problem with the roof on my Harbor Freight Portable Garage. Even after putting a support slat across the rafters I still have rainwater pooling up. The single slat just moved the sag up towards the peak of the roof. I am going to add two more slats and see how that works out. I’ll keep you posted on that. Oh, and even where it doesn’t sag, the condensation on the roof material will drip a good bit on the inside so this setup can’t be called completely waterproof. If you store something inside that must be kept completely dry you will have to cover it with some additional material. I’ll keep you posted.

Harbor Freight Revolving Parts Bin

16 Feb


I was in Harbor Freight last weekend and I picked up this revolving parts bin to place on my work bench. I always have an assortment of small parts such as screws, nails and bolts lying around loose and this would be a good place to keep them. Little did I know this item would take me over 2 hours to put together!


There were 76 bolts, 76 washers, and 76 nuts required to put this together. And of course being Made In China Harbor Freight quality, the holes didn’t all line up properly and about 1/4 of the bolts had bad threads so you couldn’t hand tighten them, you had to use a wrench and torque them down all the way. Whew! I have put together major projects that took less time and aggravation that this. keep prepping everyone!

Antique Fly-Rod

15 Feb

I was opening some boxes and unpacking some more of my treasures I have acquired over the years and I wanted to show you this one.


This is an Antique Bamboo Fly-Rod in it’s own travel case. I’m sure the case came with a canvas cover when it was new but it is lost now.



This is a five piece rod and each piece fits down into a slot in the metal cap on the end of the holder. There are not any manufacturers markings on this so I don’t know the maker. Maybe someday I will find a suitable canvas cover for it as I am browsing around in an Antique Mall or Flea Market. Until then I will just display this rod in my office, it will look nice displayed alongside my antique fishing books. More treasures to come!