Water Storage

18 Feb


I have been reading about the extreme drought that is occurring out West and it got me to thing about water storage again. I saw these food grade plastic barrels in Sportsman’s Warehouse recently. The 55 gallon drums cost about $60 and the 20 gallon were $25. With something this large you would need a way to siphon the water out and they had a food grade siphon for $20. A couple of those barrels would take up a lot of space, but if your water quit flowing, it sure would be good to have this on hand wouldn’t it? Otherwise you will be heading to town to scramble with the mob at the stores to buy water or standing in line to get water from the government handout assistance.


I think I have a shortage in my preps! Keep prepping everyone!


2 Responses to “Water Storage”

  1. Jamie February 18, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    I like the 15 gallon barrels I get for storing in the closet or you could even make a work table on top of them if you store them in an extra bedroom/office/prep room. I’m not familiar with a 20 gallon water storage barrel. The 15 gallon barrels I get are 23 inches tall with a diameter of about 14 inches. You might check out a local beer/brew shop for a good food grade siphon.

    • doublebhomestead February 19, 2014 at 8:52 am #

      I already have some 7 gallon containers that are square and they would stack neatly to be the base for a table. That brew shop idea is something I haven’t considered, thanks.

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