Seasonal Affective Disorder

10 Feb

I think I gots the SADs! This Winter Wonderland we keep having is starting to get on my nerves.



We have been below normal on temperatures for most of the Winter. The weatherman is predicting another week of below normal temps with a couple of chances of more freezing precipitation. I have heard several people remark they are ready for Spring to get here. I am not in that big of a hurry for a full-blown Spring just yet, I still have some cold weather projects I want to do before the snakes come out in the Spring. But, I would like to see some normal temps for a few days. Our Average temps for this date are 50 for the high and 34 for the low, that would suit me just fine. Especially if we had some sun to go along with it. I don’t think the sun has even peeked out for over 2 weeks.



I’m sure Wilma and Jethro are tired of the snow as well.


Although, I guess it doesn’t bother them too much. I bought these nice fleece blankets at the Dollar Store and put one of them in each of their dog houses and they drag they out on the ground. I go put them back in the houses, and the next day they drag them back out. I’ll go out tomorrow and hang them on the fence to dry and put them in the barn until the next round of single digit temps then I will put them in the houses one more time. Keep prepping everyone!


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