Immigration Reform

8 Feb




Well, well, well. What can I say about this. I am sorry to tell you but a sweeping immigration bill this year is a done deal. Oh, there will be some hand wringing and wailing by some politicians in some conservative districts who are up for reelection, but it will all be for show to get them reelected. One of the big tip offs this bill will pass is you have substantial  pressure from special interests on both sides of the isle to get this passed. And I use the term “both sides of the isle”  loosely since there really is no difference between most politicians in either party today. It is all a big show, it is just “Championship Wrestling” only with Three Piece Suits instead of tights and capes. And I hope someone comments and calls me a racist, I really, really hope they do. In my opinion, if you are in a discussion with someone over any subject and they start calling you a racist that means you have won the argument. They have run out of any logical statements to make (if they had any to start with) so they are going to start slinging the racist accusation around trying to intimidate you into backing down and being quiet. Well, that won’t work for me, call me a racist and it will bounce off of me like water beading up and rolling off of a duck’s back. I am not a racist, but I might concede to being an elitist. I look down on many people not due to the color of their skin, but due to their low character and morals. Does that make me an elitist? Maybe so, but let’s leave that for discussion another day. Today let’s just examine why immigration reform will pass soon. The Democrats want an additional 20 million (or more) new voters to keep voting solidly Democratic. 90% of all new immigrants vote Democrat, and if they are disadvantaged and on the lower end of the socio-economic scale so much the better. The Republican toadies of the big business lobby will vote in favor of reform to keep their masters happy. Big business wants the immigrants to be a source of cheap labor and be a new base of consumers. Business realizes that once the immigrants become legal, the immigrants will have a source of income, either through working or government subsidies. Either way, you will have 20 million new consumers of Big-Macs, Cokes, IPhones, Nikes, cars, televisions and everything else for sale here in America. So, you might as well get ready for the wave of new immigrants heading your way. Oh, the proposals coming with the new bill they pass might sound reasonable at first glance, but just look at what the President is doing now with our laws. Anything he doesn’t like he just makes a pronouncement and changes the law to suit his way. Once the law gets passed and it says illegals are legal residents but not citizens, why that’s racist! Change that part! Legal residents can’t vote, that’s racist! Change that part. Legal residents can’t draw government subsidy’s, that’s racist! Change that part. Anything the powers that be don’t like about the bill will be changed after the bill is passed and we will sit around like sheep and let it happen. We will sit around our kitchen tables or at the local café and complain and vent, but in the end we will stand by and let it happen.

     Why do we need a lot of new immigrants anyway? Don’t we have enough problems with the people we have here already? Why don’t we just severely curtail the number of immigrants we allow to come here until we get things more settled. Let’s only let people come in who will be an asset to our communities and not a detriment. If you have a decent, legal immigrant here who is a law-abiding citizen and has a good work record, is supporting himself and wants to bring in his brother or parents and help them start a new life here, then sure, let them come. But if you have someone here drawing government subsidies and they want more of their family here for us to take care of I say NO! Enough is enough. I say if you don’t have what it takes to support yourself and live the American Dream without the government taking money out of my pocket to give to you then I am sorry, you need to stay where you are. I have no problem with people coming here for a better life if they are willing to play by the rules, work hard and blend in to become a member of the community. I have been to Mexico and gone out into the countryside away from the tourist areas and the conditions the people live in are appalling. They live in structures you and I wouldn’t consider good enough to store our lawn mower in. They live in squalid conditions with no water or sewer and subsist on very meager food supplies. I understand why they want to come here, I really do. If I was in their condition I would want to come here too. We need to have a method for people to come here legally on work visas and when they no longer can find work, they need to go back home. We have a system in place for that now, but I understand most people consider the system to be broken; so let’s fix what we have instead of  just throwing open the gates.  At least ask them to sign the guest book on the way in so we will know who is here! Another thing that puzzles me are the Muslims that come here to escape the terrible conditions they face in their native countries; then they want to change things here to conform to the ideals of the country they just left. Don’t come here and try to change this country into the same type of S**t Hole country you just escaped from! Why don’t we just slow down the immigration from the countries that are trying to destroy us and be sure we know who exactly we are allowing into our country. Is that too much to ask?

    Oh well, just another aspect of why our country is on a rapid downhill slide into Chaos. Anything that makes good common sense is declared to be racist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-Islam, anti this and anti that. Keep your heads down and pray. Things are likely to get very distressing around here in the next few years. Keep prepping everyone, and get ready!


4 Responses to “Immigration Reform”

  1. Pioneerpreppy February 9, 2014 at 12:42 am #

    I have a slightly different take on immigration. My opinion is the main factor isn’t big business pushing an agenda as much as it is simple numbers combined with Multi-Cult propaganda. You see without 30 million plus new workers America is doomed. We cannot afford to pay the pensions or the social security of all the baby boomers without them. Now of course we won’t be able to do it with them because they view taking care of the retired and elderly a bit different and also they are not going to take care of a bunch of old Gringos either regardless. Yet the politicians think they are just like everyone else and 30 million hispanic immigrants is the pension/SS scams only hope.

    In fact I think I will do a post on it for my Sunday Reading.

    • doublebhomestead February 10, 2014 at 6:19 pm #

      They might be a new source of tax revenue but I don’t think they would ever pay enough to cancel out the amount of services they ultimately draw out of the system.

  2. rlhtl February 9, 2014 at 10:15 am #

    I think “the” real problem with our country began with the “progressive” movement in that late 1800’s early 1900’s. The progressives argued that the constitution was “old fashioned” and needed to reflect the modern world. Maybe, with regard to the mechanics of HOW the government works should have been addressed, but the PRINCIPLES should have never been “modernized”.

    I think the biggest, most critical mistake ever made was the 16th Amendment; permitting the government to collect non-apportioned taxes (most notable, income tax). The original Constitution was focused on protecting human rights. Real human rights. For each individual citizen. To permit non-apportioned taxation directly contradicts the theme of the Constitution, just as clearly as permitting slavery did. Do we need another civil war to correct this issue? At one point, such a conflict would have been possible, but I don’t think it’s viable now. Now, my understanding is, that over 50% of the population is getting handouts from federally controlled resources. Resources that are TAKEN from taxpayers in a fashion that was ILLEGAL for the first 100+ years of this country’s history!

    You are right, there really is no basic difference between political parties now. Both major parties seem to believe that the federal government has the right to lead us around like sheep; collecting and and re-distributing the products of our labor on the basis of their “whims”. The arguments between the parties are really nothing more than fighting over which “whims” are favored.

    I think immigration is not an issue. It’s another “whim” that misdirects us. If the constitution truly were protecting our rights I wouldn’t have any problems with allowing everyone into this country! In fact, i would enjoy the idea of like-minded peoples joining me in living life honestly and happily; creating new and better products and sharing in the bounty! But now, the implication is that every new immigrant COSTS me money and reduces my wealth! I have become my “brothers keeper” whether I want to be or not! In fact, we have become not only our brothers keeper, but EVERYONE’S keeper!

    OK, sorry for the rant – I just wanted to get my viewpoint out there!

    Keep on prepping! Maybe some of us will survive when the house of cards collapses!

    • doublebhomestead February 10, 2014 at 6:22 pm #

      You are right, the few of us paying taxes are expected to be the providers for EVERYONE. There are too many people riding on the wagon and not enough people pulling it!

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